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The run for rental properties is even bigger as a lot of the expatriats work on a project basis, which means they need a property for 1 or 2 years. The contrast with the east part of the Costa del Sol, where the average property price is 30% more expensive, doesn't reflect in the rental prices. Buying a property in La Linea de la Concepcion with the intention to let, is still a wise investment.

Especially the long term let market (6 or 11 months contract) is booming and will even increase more as more and more people come to work in Gibraltar, meaning they have to find their own place normally after 1 to 3 months when the relocation package period provided by the employers comes to an end.

Property in La Linea is undergoing a change and with the joint use of the Gibraltar Airport and a new to be built Marina it is definetely worth looking at it for reason as having a home close to Gibraltar, an investment or even a holiday home.

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Once you have found a property you will have to secure it. This is normally done by handing over a deposit of 1 month which will be returned to you once you leave the property. When the property is in the same state as you found it the landlord will deduct the last bills for water and electricity and return the balance.

After you have paid the deposit a rental agreement between you and the landlord will be drawn up. Contracts are normally for 6 or 11 months depending on your needs and these from the landlord. After signing and before the keys are handed over you will have to pay the months rent upfront as well as the state agency fee of half a month of the rental.

You will now receive the keys and you can move into your new home.


In many cases there will be a landline but it has to be opened in your name. We will help you to contract the services from Telefonica, tele2 or ONO depending on where your rental property is located.


When there is a landline we can help you to apply for ADSL. The contract will be in your name and to be able to do so you will need a NIE number or spanish bank account.

Satelite - SKY

Many of you desire to watch the tv channels of your home country. In many cases you will be able to install a satelite disk after having the ok from the owner or the community in which your rental property is located. There is a shop - called the SKY shop -  in La Linea specialising in satelite systems. They can supply you with the disc, the digi box and the card.  

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