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La Linea Property - Property for sale and rent in La Linea de la concepcion.

Property in La Linea is going through a huge change at the moment.

A big part of the expatriates working in Gibraltar choose to live on the other side of the border.

Where elsewhere on the Costa del Sol from Estepona more Eastwards one has maybe built to many new properties, the property market in La Linea needs more new properties built.

 On one hand to have an answer to the increasing number of expatriates willing to live close to Gibraltar and on the other hand to have an answer to the demand now the joint use of Gibraltar Airport is a fact.

Investors are looking to purchase apartments, where major developers are in the process of purchasing the plots, yet with a rural destination, to develop the virgin coast line of La Linea de la Concepcion.

The properties for sale in La Linea are apartments for sale, townhouses and villas. The apartments for sale in La Linea close to the border with Gibraltar are most popular and compared to prices further up the coast still very reasonably priced.

These front line properties with views to the bay of Algeciras will benefit in near future from the built of a marina which will be popular by very large cruisers and sailing yachts due to the dept of the berths. In addiction to Sotogrande and Duquesa this Marina will have large moorings where these cruisers and yachts will be able to moore.

Update: Plans for the new Marina in La Linea approved. Works to start at the end of 2008. See more below.


The Council of Administration of the Harbor Authority of the Bay of Algeciras (APBA) approved the concession to Alcaidesa Services, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY of a parcel near the 60,000 square meters and a water surface of 239,947 square meters in the zone of the West of Linea de la Conception, which is located between the border with Gibraltar and the Congress Center, for the construction and operation of nautical-sport facilities and commercial premises, whose investment will suppose for the concessionary company near 30 million euros in its initial phase, amount that will be increased according to is developing the execution project.


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Which properties will benefit most from these new and approved plans

The apartments in Edificio Panorama for example- already highly popular due to its location at just 1 minute from the border and the communal swimming pool will benefit from the views to the new marina.

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